Mom Walks Across Cafeteria Tables to Assault Daughter’s Bully

nallWhen your child comes home crying that someone has hurt them, whether it be just their feelings or physically, your first response is anger.  But ladies, ladies, ladies….we must contain ourselves.  This story (found here) is just outrageous.  She fought administrators to get into the building and then walked, excuse me, ran across lunch tables to get to the girl who was probably three times younger than she was.  Don’t lock this woman up in jail, commit her to mental institution because that was just insane.  I understand that bullying has reached a new level with access to social media these days but after hearing Frank Gallagher’s speech on bullying, I’m thinking of it in a new way now.  He says, “Bullying is vital part of every ecosystem, it teaches kids resilience.  The world is a rough place and bullying is like getting inoculated.  It’s a vaccine.”  There’s more to the speech and it’s golden, a must see.  I’ll post it below.  After you watch it, you might not be so inclined to overreact to the actions of your child’s bully, and the way the world works just might make a little more sense to you.

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Female Teacher’s and Inappropriate Relationships With Male Students

patience-perez-virginiaA 16 year old Virginia boy is claiming to have been mentally ruined by a 23-year-old married mom who was also a security guard at his school. (story here) Not too long ago a similar story came out at my 16 year old daughter’s high school where a teacher was found to have performed sexual acts with several male students ranging in ages between 15 and 17 for nearly the entire school year.  I’ve written before about female teachers/school staff having inappropriate relationships with male students before. I also believe that the appeal to stories like these is pretty simple.  We expect this type of behavior from males and for a multitude of reasons we give them a pass for it, but women…women should know better. We are mothers, nurturer’s, and level headed care givers.  When women seduce men younger they are given the title of cougar; yet, when men seduce younger women, it’s the woman gains yet another title (gold digger) while the man is given a psychiatric medical diagnosis of midlife crisis.  I find it more than hypocritical when people claim female teachers who sleep with their male students get off easy.  No matter how much it is portrayed that a teenage boys’ dream is to be seduced by an older woman, truth is, mentally they can’t handle it and are just as victimized as young girls who are molested by older men.  Think about it, most men aren’t ready for a committed relationship until they’re in their 30’s so how can you say that as a teenager they are ready for a racy sexually relationship with a woman that’s twice or even five times more mature than they are.  I’m sure I’m not the only one appalled by this case in Virginia as well as the judges’ decision to suspend his offenders’ jails sentence.  But my question is, what are the mother and son hoping to accomplish by claiming mental anguish at this point?  Are they seeking a monetary settlement from the school district?  Or are they hoping to gain justice by having his offender thrown in jail?  And why was his offender given just a light sentence of just one year in jail?  This is a case that not only deserves more attention, but could serve us as a community by opening a dialog as to just what is supposed to happen to teacher like this?  We trust these public servants with the well-being of our children and should that trust be violated, regardless sex of the offender or the age of the victim, there should be laws in place to protect the children and stop the offender from ruining future lives.

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$#!t I Say On Facebook has been updated

My 5yr old: I don’t want to go to sleep Momma, do you have a game I can play on your phone???
Me: No, but I’ve got some darkness you can play with in this room.

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Who’s The Baby Daddy???

Who's The DaddyI don’t see what all the big fuss is about.  I’ve studied biology and I’m familiar with the lesson being taught here and personally I think this is a fantastic exercise to bring the point across.  But the more and more I see my friends object to this particular homework assignment the more irritated I become.  Ok, so here’s the story.  Somewhere in a Detroit High School a teacher generated a question on a Biology homework assignment from a teacher’s internet source to assist students in learning how blood types are related to parents and offspring.  The question from what I gather went something like this, “The sister of the mom above also had issues finding out who the father of her baby was.  She had the state take a blood test of the potential fathers.  Based on the information in the table, why was the baby taken away by the state after the test was conducted?”   After reading the question my curiosity has really gotten the best of me because now I want to know the answer!!!  (If anyone out there can find the question and answer in its entirety please shared it with me here.)  Now the controversy comes in both the question and the multiple choice answers.  The list included: the bartender, the guy at the club, the cabdriver, the mailman, the butcher, and the cable guy. Needless to say, these sisters got around; and like the saying goes, no matter what it is someone somewhere is going to be offended by it.  Turns out however that only one parent complained about the assignment stating that, “We teach our children not to sleep around.”

All fine and well, but the response I’ve been seeing over the internet for the past couple of days is shock and disbelief that only one parent complained.  A multitude of people have joined this parent complaining that question was completely inappropriate.  But was it really???  When we think about the state of the world today and we watch daytime television, not only is this question totally appropriate, but it’s also believable.  Rather than be appalled by the question I think parents should embrace this homework assignment as Sex ED teaching tool.  Not only are they learning biology, they are also learning the humiliating consequences of being promiscuous.   Just because we teach our children not to sleep around doesn’t mean that their friends won’t, or that they won’t do it behind our backs. Kids are notorious for not doing what they are told. And Maury is a prime example of how by not being educated on how babies are made, due dates, blood types, and so forth, can and will make you look dumb. It has always baffled me how women can get pregnant and not be able to trace it back to when it happened and at least narrow it down to three possibilities vs testing 22 men.  If you had that knowledge that an egg is only viable for fertilization for 24 hours after ovulation, and knew how to track your menstrual cycle back to the week of ovulation, then there’s no way you’d be testing 20+ men.   And if you are, then you need to stop being a prostitute because you suck at it.  This teacher has the right idea, the approach is edgy, but times have changed. You have to reach these kids where they are and relate to what they see on a daily basis….because they’re not in the safety of our homes all day. They’re in the real world, and this is what happens out there. Either prepare them fully or watch them fail.

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Michael Dunn Had Better Not Walk In The Middle Of Black History Month

Loud Music KillingMichael Dunn is going to jail.  Straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200 dollars, and there will be no get out of jail free card.  He shot Jordan Davis in cold blood.  Now this is a story about racial prejudice that should have more outrage and uproar surrounding this case than it does.  Michael Dunn deserves to go to jail, should go to jail, and needs to be in jail.  If only he could have been incarcerated before he ended the life of Jordan Davis all too soon.  I guess we’ll have to wait for a verdict to see if Florida gets this one right.  My condolences to the Davis family, and God help Florida is they let this man walk in the middle of Black History Month.

We Will Remember Jordan DavisJordan Davis


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What is this?????

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Bully Cafeteria Workers Throw Students Lunches In the Trash

uintah_wide-861fdfabbca7c8754d37afe969fda86d9f85f4f5-s6-c30Had this been my child’s school, there would have been an early dismissal that day because I would have SHUT THE SCHOOL DOWN.  You can come after me all day long, but mess with my kids, and we have a problem.  All you would have heard coming out of that cafeteria would have been screaming and pots and pans hitting the floor.  I’m talking straight WWE. Tables, lunch trays and chairs baby!!! I might have spent some time in jail, but rest assured that my kids would eat for free in that cafeteria, from now on and forever.  I am appalled that someone would even think it acceptable to take food from a child and put in the trash, yet alone do in front of all of their peers.  When did we stop having empathy in this nation?  I wonder if even once while they were committing this atrocious act did they stop and think about how they’d feel if someone were doing this to one of their children.  Furthermore, I’m really sickened by the thought that school districts actually hire heartless people like this who never thought to run this by the school principal before acting upon their despicable instincts. (Or did they?)

At last word two senators from the state were visiting Uintah Elementary in Salt Lake City today, and you’d better believe with this story making national news now, heads are going to roll; as they should.  But it shouldn’t end there.  The cafeteria workers who took food from those children exhibited bully type behavior.  Bullies steal students lunches, and in addition to being fired they should face charges of child abuse and never be allowed to work with children again.  Some of you may think that harsh, but I believe that ANYONE heartless enough to take food from child has no business working with children.  And yes, I’ve read the story about how it was the call of the nutritional manager to withhold lunches, but they would have had to fire me before I kept food from a child, or as they did, snatch it from them while they ate.  This is another case of people blindly following rules and not thinking about the human impact their actions will create.  Just stupid.  FIRE THEM ALL!!!!!

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