Say NO to Black Friday and YES to Cyber Monday

Picture1As Thanksgiving Day approaches I watch all of my family and friends that train for Black Friday all year long, gear up to do it again.  However, I’m noticing a new trend this year.  Retailers are increasingly joining a movement to make sure that stores remain closed on Thanksgiving Day.  And good for them.  But aren’t they still using their workers on Thursday night to gear up for the trap of Black Friday?  Admit it, it’s a trap.  They lure large crowds to their stores with awesome pricing and limited stock sometimes creating such a frenzy that it becomes a public hazard.

I don’t own a gun because I don’t trust myself not shoot someone when I’m angry so I know I will be  quick to punch a bitch in the face on Black Friday. I’ll pass.

I can’t tell you just how thrilled I was last year to participate in Cyber Monday and get everything I needed without the hassle of crowds and crappy cashier service.  By having everything at my fingertips on line I was able and inspired to research my purchases prior to the big day.  And did I mention how money I saved???  Of course you have to be careful shopping on line but if you stick close to your big retailers you will find awesome deals and safe transactions.  One place I will doing my primary shopping this year will be on  The deals are amazing every other day of the week and I am on pins and needles to see what they throw us on Cyber Monday.

So if you have to go out on Black Friday, for the love of God be careful.  And save some money for Cyber Monday.   Here are a few links that will be having phenomenal deals!


BREAKING NEWS: 15 Years In Prison Equals Justice Served Upon Jared Fogle

1119-jared-fogle-getty-4For the next 13 to 15 years Jared Fogle can look forward to six to twelve inches of a different kind.  Judge Tanya Walton Prat reminded that court today that she is not bound by prosecution plea deals but she is bound by the law to protect victims from criminal predators.  She served us well today.

Remember This Charlie Sheen?

winning-am-i-still-charlie-sheen-luPziTWith Charlie Sheen expected to announce his HIV status with Matt Lauer in the morning, my social media newsfeeds have been bombarded with photo’s of the troubled soul.  Only one problem.  All of the photo’s show Charlie is his, how can I put this gently, sober years.  Have we forgotten that this is the same guy that was publicly crying out for help just a few years ago?  All I’m saying is, KEEP IT REAL.  THIS IS CHARLIE SHEEN.


I Understand It Now… #YouCanDoItShia #AllMyMovies #ShiaIsMyMessiah

Shia3I’m starting to understand this now.  He’s been up for two days watching movies.  Well, the 48 hour mark won’t hit until Noon today.  If you watch, it looks like he’s going to fall asleep at any minute.  In reality this is a really strong experimental study of how the body reacts to fighting sleep in a resting position.  Most people when they get sleepy move around, walk, run even, but he’s just sitting there.  Watching movies.  How many of us fall asleep watching a movie???  Can he do it???



To be fair, Shia does get up in between movies to take a break but this in no way constitutes a nap.  The break between movies seem to be five to seven minutes and then Shia is right back at it again.  I doubt we will have the chance to see the psychological effects of sleep deprivation in this performance, but we are already seeing the automatic body responses to fighting sleep.  He’s yawning, rubbing and stretching his eyes, touching his face, neck, and ears, ect.   It’s quite fascinating to watch.  Mesmerizing almost.

All I know, is I’m tuned in.  I don’t watch all day, but I’ve found myself checking in with Shia, about as much as I check my social media apps.  And for a blogger, that’s a lot.  I’m also noticing the fans coming in to support him.  He’s loved more than he’ll ever know.  Could Shia be the the Messiah?  He is doing this for three days…



What’s Your Favorite Shia Labeouf Movie? Support Shia Below:

Watch Shia LaBeouf Watch Himself: #AllMyMovies

ShiaShia Labeouf is either a genius or bi-polar.  He’s spending the next three days watching all of the movies that he’s been in.  And guess what?  You get to watch him watching for free!  I tuned in and caught him snoozing.  I wonder which one of his movies this was?

Some of you may see a very troubled individual, but a see a very smart young man who needs someone he can trust.  Shia, I’m praying for you.

Officer Delays Telling Children Their Parents Died In A Car Accident To Take Them Trick Or Treating

trick-treat-2-435A Georgia State Trooper renewed my faith in law enforcement last week.  After responding a fatal car accident he had the heavy task of going to the home of the deceased and delivering the devastating news to their family.  But when his knock was answered, he was faced with four children, dressed in Halloween costumes, waiting on their parents to come home and take them Trick Or Treating.  And only he knew, they were never coming home again.  georgia-kids

Rather than destroy their happiness and excitement about the holiday, he loaded them up in his patrol car, bought them dinner at Mc Donald’s, and took them door to door while he waited for their grandmother to make the drive from Florida to retrieve them.  I just want to say Thank You Officer Nathan Bradley for continuing the work of these parents.  Parents around the world have seen your actions and we’re proud.



University Of Alabama Students Beaten And Tased At The Hands Of The Police

tusc-e1447043861286So apparently in Tuscaloosa Alabama they train their students to know the law and their law enforcement to completely disregard that knowledge.  According to reports around 3 am on Sunday morning campus security responded to a noise complaint in a University apartment complex and turned it into an unwarranted use of excessive force and arrest.  There are two videos of the incident floating around the net and I’m wondering if the color of their skin is going to keep it from going viral.   I hope it doesn’t because America needs to understand the flaw in it’s Law Enforcement System.  If you take a look at the Stanford Prison Experiment (which of no coincidence had a movie detailing the event released over the summer) you will see the impact giving authority to one human being over other human beings has.  It’s time retrain our police officers.  The lines are too blurred by egos and power trips.  This has to stop!!!  Below I’ve linked all the videos I could find of the incident.  I’m so sorry this happened to them.  It was hard lesson for these kids to learn about the police and their rights, but I’m hoping what they’ve gone through will shed some light on the problem and start a chain reaction of change.

From Outside The Apartment 

From Inside The Apartment