Toy’s R Us and Blue Meth

1825-Toys-Us-pulls-Breaking-Bad-dollsOk, so the bag of blue meth is a bit excessive for a toy, but I still love Walter White.  Is this a show that I sit down and enjoy with my children?  Hell no.  So do I want to see it in a store where I shop for my kids Christmas toys?  Double Hell No.  While I understand that Toy’s R Us sells a variety of toys there are some toys that just don’t promote a “Kid being a kid”.  I can’t believe that the corporation is defending itself by releasing the statement, ‘The product packaging clearly notes that the items are intended for ages 15 and up’ and ‘are located in the adult action figure area of our stores’.  Yeah, ok.  So are you trying to tell my teenager that it’s ok to manufacture and sell meth now?  Bad form Toy’s R Us.  You need to leave this COLLECTIBLE doll to the Comic book stores and stop trying to do anything for a dollar.  Seriously, I’m disappointed in you.  This should have never been an issue, but I’m happy that you’ve decided to pull it from your selves.

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Shut Up and Take My Money Now!!!!

o-PHOTOMATH-570Ever get stumped while helping your kids with their math homework.  Well say GOODBYE to the days of hearing the age-old argument, “But that’s not how my teacher told me to do it!!!” and say HELLO to, “So what, I’m right, here’s the proof.”

Yes, I plan on downloading this one for my own continuing education as I’m currently struggling through a Pych Statistics Research course, but when the time comes, I will be blocking this from my kid’s phone and using it only on my own.  Parents you might want to follow suit.  I completely agree with naysayers against this products who believe that this will teach kids to cut corners and not learn the math processes on their own.  And while we live in a world of computers that do all the hard work for us, there is no guarantee that the world will always work this way.  So if your kid comes home and is suddenly a math rock star, you might want to check their phone for this app before throwing them a ticker tape parade.


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Sexy Halloween Costumes for Kids???

resizeWhere were the outrage when I asked this question two years ago about putting toddlers in bikini’s and f-me pumps?  Now that they’ve expanded this to include Halloween costumes someone wants speak out about it?  It wasn’t cute then and it’s certainly not cute now.  Where is the self-esteem level that we are setting for our girls?  And why the in the hell is it so LOW???  Get it together parents.  It’s bad enough that as adult women we can’t come up with Halloween costumes that don’t involve being sexy or slutty.  Let’s try not to set the bar for our kids.


**Talking Point** Do you notice the difference between the boys costumes and the girls?  What do you think about that?

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Kids Dropping F-Bombs for a Good Cause

Screenshot2011-01-16at112521PM-1Kids in general should avoid having  a potty mouth.  However, today I learned that there’s an exception to this rule.  When they are discussing equal rights and feminism.  YOU GO GIRLS (and little boy at the end!)

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Football is Cancelled!!!!

1412369716014-MRS01741I’d like to give Sayreville High School administration a standing ovation for standing up not only against bullying, but standing up to the bully parents who are advocating for them to reverse their decision to cancel football season this year.  I say cancel the season.  We already have a problem with this generations feelings of entitlement and it’s about time someone stands up tell them that extra-curricular activities are a privilege, not a right.  Sacrifices are made yearly budget wise where many other extra-curricular activities take a back seat to football, and if these players can’t behave like civilized human beings and respect one another, then they deserve to play together.  And for parents who are advocating for a decision reversal, you should be ashamed.  If you saw your child in a group of kids who were teasing, ostracizing, or even physically violating another child, would you stand by and defend your child’s actions?  Even if they weren’t fully participating aren’t they still guilty by association?  When they become adults, the police will certainly see it that way.  So I think it’s time that we teach them now, so that there are no more news stories about hazing in college.

Trust me, if your child misses out on being seen by a scout, it’s not going to be the end of the world. Make a video and send it in to the college of their choice.  And shame on you as a parent for guiding your child into the future with only the hope of playing professional sports rather than relying on an education that will make them an active and contributing member of society. If you’re feeling sorry for these kids, you need to take several seats.  No child should go to school in fear of the actions of others.   I’d like to see more schools take this approach to put an end to hazing and bullying.  Way to go Sayreville.

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Happy 2nd Birthday RaisinEmReal

So happy to still be here with you all, thanks for reading!!!! 

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America Has Reached All New Level of Lazy

10437019_4839817210802_7593539409214651681_nSeriously?  We can’t even break our own spaghetti now?  You might as well just buy a can of Spaghetti O’s.  I can’t even…..I just can’t.

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