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Cam Newton Faux Pas or Nah

11990657_1013959088655482_8305317475715373319_nSo this photo here.  In one hours it’s getting a lot of chatter.  I’d like to know what you guys think, but I’d also like to point out something about the photo.  First of all, Cam is not throwing gang signs.  Second, I don’t even think this photo was taken in the U.S.   They say a picture is worth 1,000 words but on the World Wide Web it’s worth a million speculations.  Especially when we consider the lyrics to the referenced quote in the posted photo.  Is he expressing originality?  Or is he trying to give his role model image the good ‘ol Miley Cyrus?  Thoughts?

View the photo here

Memphis Woman Attacking Her Two Week Old Baby Perfectly Displays Mental Health Crisis in America

hqdefaultI want to put out a warning to people about the video I’ve posted here.  It is very disturbing. This may the first look we have at what post-partum psychosis looks like outside of a clinical setting.  Let me make it clear that I am in no way diagnosing this woman; I do not know her well enough to do that.  However, I’ve checked into the background of this story and according to Lily Moore’s defensive statements of her daughter to Memphis Foxnews13, the mother in this video suffers from Schizophrenia and had been off her medication due to not wanting to harm her baby during pregnancy.

The decision Lily Moore’s daughter made to discontinue her medication during pregnancy is a common and controversial one.  Understand that despite her mental illness I could never support this woman losing access to her children.  To separate them would be a tragedy that would affect those children for the remainder of their lives.  My mother and her siblings were not just taken from my Schizophrenic grandmother, they were separated in the process and the damage that action did to my family has been evident for two generations.  Now before you think I’m crazy, notice that I said this woman should have access to her children and not unsupervised control.  Everyone has failed this woman and her children.  Everyone.  From her mother, to the doctor’s that provided her prenatal care, to the doctor’s supervising her mental health care, they all dropped the ball on this one.  When a pregnant woman admits to having mental illness during the prenatal work up, that should automatically place her in the high risk category and if nothing else should place staff on alert for a more intense postnatal follow up.  Furthermore, family and friends should have never left her alone with a newborn.

babyThe baby in the video was unharmed, and is now in the care of her maternal grandmother Lily Moore. However, Moore can’t just blow off her daughters actions as her not being on her medication and just hope that all the attention goes away.  The attention will no doubt die down, but her mental illness will never go away and she needs to rally her entire family around them for support.   If you know that someone suffers from mental illness and they have children, please make an extra effort to keep track of them and assist them in every way possible.  Their illness is no different from cancer, heart disease, or diabetes.  It disables them from normal human functioning and just like someone that has lost a limb, they need constant assistance.  Mental Health reform is not just an imperative necessity in this country, it’s an emergency.  This video is a prime example of how we are not just failing the mentally ill, but it shows how we are failing the children of the mentally ill.  I hope the Memphis police and Child Protective Services handle this situation appropriately.  The odds are against them because they’ve come in so late in the game.  But for the rest of us…we can take care of each other.  If you know your neighbor is not wrapped too tight, show up once a week with $20.00 worth of groceries or house hold supplies and help were you can.  We can’t just leave these people alone and say it’s not my problem.  Horrible things like this video will happen when we do.  Even the asshole father recording this event tries to say that he has, “nothing to do with this”.  We are just as criminal as he is when look on and do nothing to help.  And for the record, he should face charges for doing just that.

Here’s the video in case you missed it:

Darla Neugebauer: You’ve Got A Friend In Me

30398105_StillHave you ever gone into a restaurant establishment expecting that the money you’re about to shell out is going to be totally worth the experience, only to have that experience ruined by a bratty kid whose behavior is only personified by non-attentive parents?  Well, Darla Neugebauer wasn’t paying for that experience; she was providing that experience and watching it excruciatingly shoved down the drain at the hands of a child’s tantrum or rather, lack of home training.

While not all patrons were appalled by the actions of Darla, owner of Marcy’s Diner in Portland, Maine, several people have expressed their disdain for the way she handled a screaming child in her restaurant recently.  According to Darla’s account the child screamed at the top of her lungs for an annoying amount of time, which could have been five minutes for all I care, because when children are misbehaving in public it requires immediate attention from parents.  No matter what the age of the child, a restaurant is not the place to practice ignoring bad behavior.  Not everyone around you is a parent and not everyone around you is as equipped with the nerves to handle your screaming child as you are.  So be respectful.

Image processed by CodeCarvings Piczard ### FREE Community Edition ### on 2013-12-14 04:47:55Z | http://piczard.com | http://codecarvings.com

Image processed by CodeCarvings Piczard ### FREE Community Edition ### on 2013-12-14 04:47:55Z | http://piczard.com | http://codecarvings.com

Many are scowling the abrasive reaction to the child, but let me tell you something from my point of view as a parent of five.  There are times, when you have to be the loudest in order to restore order.  Think about it.  When you have an unruly crowd the best the way to regain control, is gain their attention by being louder via a microphone/megaphone.  The police do it all the time.  In my house, I am the police.  I don’t have a megaphone/sound system to gain the attention of my children when they get out of hand (all five of them) so sometimes, I have to yell.  Does it scar my children?  No.  They don’t cower in fear or wet themselves in shock.  Hell, half the time they don’t even care.  They just want me to say my peace so they can modify their behavior enough to go back to their play.  I couldn’t even bring myself to form the words that would classify what Darla did as child abuse, and if my child were out of hand in her restaurant I’d probably thank her for her help.  It takes a village.  She did not harm the child.  The child will not need psychotherapy as a result.  Nor will this experience cause the child to have an aversion to pancakes for the rest of her life.  Kudo’s to Darla for standing up for proper parenting in a time in which she was placed in a position to act as a responsible member of society.  So many times we see the behaviors in children that we know will lead bigger problems in the future and we are afraid to speak up.  We take a, “not my monkey, not my circus” attitude and hope that it goes away.  But in ten years, when we’re being held at gun point by the same little punk that doesn’t want to get a job, we want to scream, “Where in the hell were their parents?”  Well, where were you when their parents could have used some unsolicited yet very helpful advice?  The world isn’t going to change with just a few of us; it’s going to take all of us.  I’m not telling you to go out and beat other people’s children, but hey, speaking up will not cost you a red cent.  And so what if the parents are pissed.  Guess what?  Now they’re thinking about their child’s behavior.

Darla if you’re reading this, you have my sympathy for having to deal with parents that have children for no other reason than to look at them and dote on them.  For those of us trying to raise children who will become good and productive members of society, we would not blame you for imposing a, “No Children Allowed” policy in your store.  Trust me, we understand.  And we also know how to find babysitters.  Here’s a list of restaurants that enforce that policy in case you were wondering.  No Children Allowed

You can watch Darla’s controversial reaction in here own words here

Controversy At Marcy’s