The Primal Behavior Link Between Teens and Cell Phones

NJ-studentSo, we know that cell phones are important to our teenagers.  But did you know that the addiction to the device will entice primal behavior when they are separated from it?  Like animals that are bewildered and frighten, teens have been known to become aggressive and even predatory when their cell phones are lost, stolen, or taken by an adult.  A few weeks ago my daughter’s cell phone was stolen off a school activity bus during a basketball game.  Actually, all of the cheerleaders’ cell phones were stolen off the activity bus by the other rival team as some sort of payback.  I was upset, but my daughter acted like someone had shaved her head bald while she was sleeping.  Maniacal is the best literate term I can come up with to describe her behavior, however, if wanted to break it down point blank…she went straight fool.  All of the girls did. There was police presence at the game so the response by authorities was immediate.  But they had no idea what there up against.  15 hormonal teenage girls who had just had their entire “lives” stolen from them.  I watched in sheer horror and awe for nearly 8 minutes at the chaos surrounding me.  The tears, the screaming, the parents trying to hold the girls back from perusing physical altercations.  And the poor police officers.  With a stern voice and few profanities, I managed to get my daughter under control, well somewhat.  She spent the rest of night vocalizing how she’d been “disrespected” and how her phone was the most important thing in her existence and now her life was ruined.  (Big F-ing Eye Roll)
When I came across the video I’m sharing with you guys today (click the picture for video link) I immediately was taken back to that day.  Although I could spot the difference in the male/female reaction I also noticed one common denominator in the behavior’s trigger.  The cell phone.  I’m not saying that teachers shouldn’t take kids cell phones, but teacher, be wary when you do.  It’s like taking a steak from between the jaws of a lion.  Yes, he might walk away, stranger things have happened, but don’t expect it.  On the other hand, while teachers should expect mental breakdowns when separating a teen from their phones, they shouldn’t have to endure violence.  My suggestion?  Teach our kids that when they get out of pocket (out of control) not to expect the other party not to stoop to their level.  In this video you can see that this teacher is a kind and gentle man, completely unprepared for the childish creature attacking him.  So what really bothers me about this video is none of the other kids came to his defense.  They could see that it wasn’t a fair fight, but you also see these children in the video get up and walk away saying, “I’m not getting in that.”  Where is their sense of civic duty?  Where did we miss the mark in teaching our children how to be good honest upstanding citizens and step in when they see that something is not justified?  Are we sending our children out into the world with the message, “It’s none of your business, keep moving.”?  It looks like it.  And that’s sad.

Now to end this post with a look on the upside of the issue.  We do have teachers who are fighting back.

brawl18n-3-webIn this video (click the picture for video link), the teacher, after being under fire from the student for quite some time while waiting for help to arrive, opens a can whoop ass on her attacker.  And while some are saying that the teacher was out of place, which she was, I feel that her reaction was appropriate for the situation.  Give this teacher a raise and let her go back to work.  Many of the kids today have no fear of consequences because as parents we are not consistent with applying consequences at home.  In such cases, you see incidents like these where students have gone beyond disrespect for their teachers and authority figures.  That feeling of being invincible has always been a complex of the adolescent mind, but has increased in complexity and recurrence because they honestly believe that the result of their ill behavior will be nothing.  As parents, when we want to discipline our kids and our first thought is to take their cell phones, we stop ourselves because then, how would monitor and keep up with them?  After all, isn’t that we got them a cell for?  Can we really help that the cell phone came with all these gadgets that many of us don’t understand or know how to use, keep our teens nearly surgically connected to the device.  The answer is, yes, we can.  It’s called parental control.  Stop fearing that your kid is going to be kidnapped or stranded because you took their cell phone.  Come up with alternative methods of contact for when you do have to take their toy.  A prepaid Trac Phone comes to mind.  Parents, stop being afraid to discipline your children because the cops aren’t.  And if you do it, then they will.

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Teacher Gives New Meaning to Sex Education

5328718_G-665x385Just as it doesn’t make the situation any better that Symone Greene was only a substitute teacher it doesn’t make it any better that just was a young woman having sexual relations with a man. And it certainly shouldn’t matter that it was only oral sex.  Child molestation is still child molestation and the Washington DC Police Department felt the same way as they set up a minor texting sting to catch Greene.

Apparently the no so smart educator decided to perform oral sex on high school football player in a classroom and expected the student not to go back and tell all of his friends?  Did this woman even go to high school???  Of course he’s going to run back and tell all of his friends.  He’s a 17 year old football player!!!  Well the student not only ran back and told all of his friends, he made a video of the incident.  So there’s hard evidence and we call all rest assured that this predator is going to jail.  No, I don’t think her sentence needs to be light, although the courts will probably take into account the age of consent and the age and number of this woman’s past offenses.  But tell me why is it that we don’t view female teacher/child offenders the same as we do males?  The crime really is the same, yet many think it isn’t.  Many people feel like it’s a young male student’s dream to get dome from his teacher and if she’s willing then what’s the problem?  That idea alone says a lot about how we feel about women in this country, and it’s not good.


She didn’t make a mistake.  She knew what she was doing was wrong when she was doing it and she needs to suffer the consequence.  Pretty young teachers don’t get a pass.


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From Homecoming Prince to Killer: How Parental Social Media Monitoring Could Have Stopped This Tragedy

10712810_583333025104732_5160191985607443984_nI thought about this post for a while before committing to it because some of the victims are still fighting for their lives.  It wasn’t until I took the time to find and read Mr. Fyberg’s tweets that I decided this was an important topic to discuss.  The reason I’m posting about this is not to glorify school shootings because I can’t really think of anything more frightening for students and parents to endure.  When you drop you child off at school, you have a sense that you are leaving them in a safe haven and that you will see them later on that day.  For that to be shattered by news of a gunman posing imminent danger is nightmare that I would never want to live out and shatters my believe in school safety when I think about how many parents have had to live out that nightmare.

I have a niece who is about the same age as the kids involved in yesterday’s school shooting and I’m constantly reading her Facebook posts.  Her parents and I now no longer speak because of my warnings to them about her social media activities and their belief that their angel can do no wrong, so there’s really nothing I can do while reading the disturbing posts.  In the last month I’ve seen her profess her love to over 10 different boys and cry about each of them after they dumped her.  I’ve snooped through some of the boys pages and watched how they changed their relationship status to involve a new girl ever other day.  Some would say this is just kids being kids, but when one of those boys is 22 years old claiming to be in love with my 14-year-old niece, I have to cry foul.  After reading shooter Jaylen’s tweets I noticed the same pattern.  Children acting like adults in a setting without supervision, not understanding the adult emotional consequences of their actions.


What I discovered in these tweets is that the shooting was the result over a fight over a girl.  Had parents been monitoring their kids social media interactions they might have seen something like this coming.  There used to be a time when would encourage our girls to take relationships seriously and not to jump from guy to guy, and not to trust boys who ran through girlfriends like box of tissues during flu season.  As parents we used to be able to keep track of this by how many times the phone rang or how many times someone knocked at the door.  Now with social media, kids are running a muck and no one is there to say, “Stop!”  There is no dialog on the emotions that come with sexual relationships, so we can’t expect our kids to figure it out on their own. We have to intercede through social media and force them to come clean about their interactions.  This is no longer an issue of privacy.  If your kid wanted privacy they wouldn’t be telling the world what they’re doing every minute of the day on twitter.  So snoop parents!!!  Read what they’re saying and confront their behavior daily.  Ask them what these emoji’s mean and what their cryptic status posts are about.  Sexting is just serious as sex.  While it might not be a cause of pregnancy or STD’s it still has an effect on mental health.  Times are changing, teen/child interactions are changing, and we need to change with them. Add them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram and Twitter, keep up with them on Kick and Snapchat, and monitor them on social media.

If you’re asking yourself why Jaylen Fryberg didn’t fit the profile for most school shooters, it’s because he could have just as well been your child.  His actions were the result emotions he couldn’t handle, triggered by interactions he wasn’t mature enough to be practicing.  Close parental supervision could have kept this tragedy from happening.  As parents, let’s vow to get more involved with our children, and keep this from happening again.

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Mama June’s Chester Molested Her Daughter

Anna_Chickadee_Honey_Boo_Boo-490x277And the backwoods saga continues!!! So, I have heard from a reliable source that the man “Mama June” is reportedly dating, Mark McDaniel, was actually convicted for molesting her own daughter known as “Chickadee” on the show when she was just 8 years old.  “Chickadee” now 20 years old and with a child of her own actually believed her mother when she first claimed to not be in a relationship with McDaniel, as she has taken to social media today to also claim to the public and her fans.  But now after coming across factual evidence, “Chickadee” is singing a different tune and speaking out after the hurt of betrayal from her mother.  TLC has reportedly reached out to the young lady and offered her counseling, but they are going to have a lot more to answer for as this story progresses.    05-honey-boo-boo-christmas

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Mama June and The Chester

article-2202900-150178BB000005DC-388_634x451As if people didn’t question the integrity of the “Boo Boo Household” before, NOW Mama June is entertaining the company of the family Chester.  You know, Chester the Child Molester?  I’m not sure why people are shocked by this information because let’s be honest, the show really mocks her parenting style.  I personally never watched the show because I’ve never been in favor of laughing in someones face while making them believe you’re laughing with them, and not at them.

I used to feel sorry for Mama June, but in light of this new information I’m just plain disgusted.  To find out that your significant other has molested a child should make you question your choice in partners.  But to return to that partner after he/she has been convicted of the crime AND have young children of your own in the home makes you just as criminal as they are.  Might as well put make up on them, dress them up like a grown woman, and serve them on platter.  Yeah, I said that.  I will not pass judgement on this mother for her child rearing techniques, but I will call for her to get a mental health evaluation for even wanting this Chester around her children.  I understand that her excessive weight might come with self-esteem issues, but that’s no excuse for putting your children in danger and there’s no question that this man and his past are a danger to her children.  I certainly see no end in sight to this story in near future and I wouldn’t be surprised if Child Protective Services gets involved. TLC would be wise to cancel the show. Especially if Mama June insists on defending this relationship as she has been.  I’ve never understood a woman that chooses a man over her child and sure as hell don’t understand this one.  Get it together Mama June!!!!

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Introducing Real Recipes

168526_1268791977403_4621875_nThere’s more to come but I thought I’d start sharing Recipes!!!!  So come check out the new page!!!!!

Real Recipes

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All Are Things That My Children Do

Things children do that are unacceptable for adults to do
Things children do that are unacceptable for adults to do

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