Dillard’s Mom Needs To Take That BS To TJ Maxx: Open Letter To Megan Harris

12565438_10208367106073455_4966904763513674806_nIt is scientifically proven that the human brain finds symmetry appealing.  It’s how the brain decides what’s attractive and what’s not.  When the eyes relay to the brain that something has symmetry it rewards the brain with a dopamine release that translates into pleasure.  This is why when we see something pleasing we say, “I like this!”  The Macy’s store clerk was telling you that your daughter needed some symmetry in that dress.  And frankly, yes she looked bulky and unappealing.  Did that make her ugly? No.  The clerk was simply suggesting that you use a tool to add symmetry so that her shape would be appealing in the dress so that people would look her and say, “I like that!”

The clerk was doing you a favor, but you got so caught up in your feelings that you decided to disrupt her future.  You jeopardized her job, her livelihood, and started a chain of events in her life that you can’t possibly take back now.  All because you thought she called your little girl fat.  She was trying to help your daughter and your own insecurities and hurt feelings about something that happened to you in the past  caused you to have a knee jerk reaction and protect your baby girl from the world.  But you you need to know is that you’re actually hurting her by protecting her in this way.   Common sense is not a body part.  The majority of people aren’t born with it.  You protect her by teaching her how to avoid their stupidity.  Forcing them to accept they are stupid is not worth your time in the fight.  Choose your battles next time and be responsible with your actions when they can affect the lives of others.

blue-dress-cropped-20160127134411.jpg-q75,dx720y-u0r1g0,c--Let me further simplify my point with this photo I found of your daughter on line.  In the picture, she’s not fat.  In the dressing room photo she’s not fat either.  However, notice the symmetry in the blue dress and you’ll understand why shapewear was suggested.  We all want our children to be comfortable in the skin they’re in but that’s not the world we live in.  We can’t declare the world changed because we want it to be and we are going to severely damage our children if we don’t prepare them for that cruel world.  You want your child to be successful?  Give them every tool and every piece of knowledge possible.  If you want them to fail, then teach them that world has to accept them as they are and that the world has to put up with their shit.  We’ve progressed as society that accepts you in your natural surroundings, but pushing to break down the barriers of formal social functions is asking a bit too much.

Listen, our babies are going to always be our babies and sure, claws come out when we think someone is trying to hurt them.  But to open the door to having your daughter’s photo all over the internet in a dispute with a national store chain was very very irresponsible.  You changed her life and she only gave you permission to take her photo.  A part of what I do here with RaisinEmReal is I educate parents when they make epic mistakes that somehow falls into the laps of the media.  While I don’t think you’ve ruined her life I’m sure you’ll agree that you’ve changed it.  Now it’s time for you to do damage control.  That will make you think twice as a parent before you hit send if nothing else will.  Let’s hope other parents learn from your mistake.


Celebrity Twitter Beef And Rap Battles Over The Earth Being Flat? Everything You Need To Know About The Tyson/BoB Flat Earth Beef

  flat-earth   If you haven’t heard of The Flat Earth Theory then you’ve obviously been hiding under a rock.  The topic has grown from more than just water cooler talk in 2005 to life and career changing affirmations on social media today.  Flat Earth Theory is ruining friendships, causing divorce, and has parent’s world-wide removing their children from their Last Will and Testament.   What’s all the fuss?  Well apparently, there are people out here that are trying to take us back into the Dark Ages by claiming and attempting to prove that the earth is indeed FLAT.  Not the spherical earth that we know it to be.  The claims range from calling NASA a hoax to arguing the real science and calculation of the earth’s curvature; or lack thereof.

     Last week celebrity actress/model/singer Tila Tequila proclaimed on social media that she too had be converted to believe that we’ve been lied to for generations and we in fact do live in a dome versus a globe that bulges a bit at the equator.  She was quickly laughed off social media and then laughed into hiding because she hasn’t made any rebuttal claims.   The same can’t be said for this new celebrity feud playing out on Twitter between rapper BoB aka Bobby Ray and renown astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson over, you guess it, Flat Earth Theory.  This has gotten deep too.  It started as a little back and forth on Twitter and has now graduated to a full Rap Battle between the two public figures.  B.o.B hit hard in the lyrics with thought provoking questions that currently have conspiracy theorist all a buzz however Flat Earth deniers (and that’s the majority of the population) threw massive support in the corner of Tyson and his fight to keep the earth round. 



As the Twitter World went crazy, BoB went to the studio to drop his next argument.  



For a few hours it was silent.  It seemed as if Tyson had been defeated.  But then out of the blue, Tyson strikes back with a little help from AlphaCat!   And it’s HOT.  



When Selfies and Breastfeeding Collide

12145538_1039111589467100_710380203_nThere’s a breastfeeding video trending in the U.S. (go figure) that has a number of people in an uproar about a subject in which frankly Americans are just too prude to fully understand.  Really, the responses of shock and appall are a completely normal conditioned response in a country where censorship outranks normal and natural human behavior.  The woman in the video is breastfeeding a child that can walk, talk, and probably add numbers.  To many women in America, this is child abuse, for in their opinions no children should witness female breasts after the age of two.    I’m guilty of it too.  I go into a complete panic if my five year old son walks in on me while I’m dressing or in the bathroom.   I’m attempting to break that conditioned response by trying to be open towards cultures that are not my own in an effort to keep my mind open to the world around me.

In all honesty, boobs are boobs.  But when you’re not used to watching someone suck on them and talk (excluding porn of course) this can seem very out of the ordinary.   Especially when that talking/sucking person is a kid.  What we have to accept is that before sippy cups and bottles, babies perished if they couldn’t breastfeed.  Only society has given us the choice to take the breast away from the child.  Mammals typical nurse their young until they lose their milk teeth, in human terms “baby teeth”.  I simply cannot stress how normal and natural it is to breastfeed past the age of 5.  I think if more people would practice this it would reduce the instances of sexual deviancy because psycho-sexual development wouldn’t be stunted by societal norms.  But this is merely my opinion based on observations and hardly a theory, even though the concept was nearly a third of Freud’s psychological career practice.

Still we gawk.

I’ll just leave her video here.  Visit her youtube page and give her a chance to explain herself

Say NO to Black Friday and YES to Cyber Monday

Picture1As Thanksgiving Day approaches I watch all of my family and friends that train for Black Friday all year long, gear up to do it again.  However, I’m noticing a new trend this year.  Retailers are increasingly joining a movement to make sure that stores remain closed on Thanksgiving Day.  And good for them.  But aren’t they still using their workers on Thursday night to gear up for the trap of Black Friday?  Admit it, it’s a trap.  They lure large crowds to their stores with awesome pricing and limited stock sometimes creating such a frenzy that it becomes a public hazard.

I don’t own a gun because I don’t trust myself not shoot someone when I’m angry so I know I will be  quick to punch a bitch in the face on Black Friday. I’ll pass.

I can’t tell you just how thrilled I was last year to participate in Cyber Monday and get everything I needed without the hassle of crowds and crappy cashier service.  By having everything at my fingertips on line I was able and inspired to research my purchases prior to the big day.  And did I mention how money I saved???  Of course you have to be careful shopping on line but if you stick close to your big retailers you will find awesome deals and safe transactions.  One place I will doing my primary shopping this year will be on Groupon.com.  The deals are amazing every other day of the week and I am on pins and needles to see what they throw us on Cyber Monday.

So if you have to go out on Black Friday, for the love of God be careful.  And save some money for Cyber Monday.   Here are a few links that will be having phenomenal deals!








BREAKING NEWS: 15 Years In Prison Equals Justice Served Upon Jared Fogle

1119-jared-fogle-getty-4For the next 13 to 15 years Jared Fogle can look forward to six to twelve inches of a different kind.  Judge Tanya Walton Prat reminded that court today that she is not bound by prosecution plea deals but she is bound by the law to protect victims from criminal predators.  She served us well today.

I Call Bullshit Charlie!

sheen8As I tune into the “long awaited interview” (only because there’s laundry to fold and I found a moment between dropping the kids off and work to sit down to watch) I find myself totally perturbed at the notion anyone would have that the American public is seriously seriously this gullible.  We might fall for timeshare scams and lottery emails, but I almost put my waders on watching Matt and Charlie this morning because people, it got deep.

Charlie swears on his Boys Scout honor that he never exposed anyone to HIV and that his doctor took all of his sexual partners under his watchful care whilst Charlie spiraled out of control in the public eye.  

See, I followed Charlie’s split from from Two And A Half Men, because I felt sorry for the rest of the cast.  I was living with an addict so I could relate to the humiliation they were experiencing as a result  Charlie’s fucked up behavior.  I found this clip from CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Dr. Drew after Charlie released a video of his shenanigans.

It was clear in the video Charlie Sheen released that he was suffering some sort of psychological breakdown.  Professionals who observed the behavior concluded that he was suffering from delusions.  Is Charlie trying to tell me that while he was believing that his veins were coursing with tiger’s blood that  he was responsible enough to keep doctor’s appointments and further yet practice safe and responsible sex during a crack cocaine binge?  Who does he think he’s fooling?  First and foremost he’s an addict that is still admitting to “drinking just a little”.  What the fuck ever Charlie.  Your body language and stuttering gave you away this morning.  You’re still using, you’re not making amends and being honest and true to yourself.  You’re still covering your ass and hiding your shameful behavior.  Get clean man.  For the sake of your kids.  This isn’t cool anymore and your years are really numbered.  There was a point when you were talking about telling your oldest daughter Cassandra, and I swear I almost thought you were going to ask for your line.  You used to be a great actor Charlie, but today you sucked.  I hope you don’t take the stand when they sue you.  And if you do, you might be more believable sober.  Is this the legacy you want to leave your kids?  Because it’s the legacy of an Assclown.


Remember This Charlie Sheen?

winning-am-i-still-charlie-sheen-luPziTWith Charlie Sheen expected to announce his HIV status with Matt Lauer in the morning, my social media newsfeeds have been bombarded with photo’s of the troubled soul.  Only one problem.  All of the photo’s show Charlie is his, how can I put this gently, sober years.  Have we forgotten that this is the same guy that was publicly crying out for help just a few years ago?  All I’m saying is, KEEP IT REAL.  THIS IS CHARLIE SHEEN.